Brunette British MILF with Big Tits – Tigger

Gorgeous Brunette British Cougar Tigger is practicing her dance moves when our stud shows up at her crib. Afterward, they both go off to do a different sort of dance move, on the couch.

Gorgeous British Brunette Cougar, with Big Tits, shows us Why they Call her Tigger at

Cast:  Tigger, Uncredited Male

Greeting Everybody!!

I have an AMAZING post for you today!!!

Tigger is doing some sort of dance prior to scene

Today I bring you Tigger!!!

As you can see, Tigger is a GORGEOUS Brunette “Cougar”, who has an AWESOME slender body and two HUGE tits!!

I can make all sorts of jokes about a “Cougar” named “Tigger”.

Anyway, she was born and grew up in Burton, United Kingdom.

So we have another GORGEOUS Brit to chat about here, my friends.

Although she is from the U.K., her favorite place is New York (I presume, New York City).

Tigger gets cozy with our stud

Tigger apparently works as a Fitness Instructor (in addition to doing porn).

She claims that her favorite Musical Artist is “Prince” and her favorite movie is “Dirty Dancing”.

Hmmm…. “Dirty Dancing” is a common favorite movie for Mature Pornstars.

Jamie Ray (another fellow Brit) and JetSet Jasmine are also both fans of that movie as well.

Tigger starts sucking cock

If you ever want to know why this model goes by the name “Tigger”, then you need to check out the tattoo that she has on one of her butt-cheeks.

Finally, she told us that her best features are her “Boobs”.

We have to agree that her Boobs are quite impressive.

In this episode, she was practicing some dance moves, when our stud shows up.

Now you know why they call her Tigger

At this point, our couple then proceeds to work on a different set of moves, altogether.

I will let these AMAZING pictures from our friends at reveal the types of moves that these two embarked on.

If you wish to see more photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of photos within this post.


Tigger rides cock


Brunette 40-Something MILF – Gemma Gold

Gorgeous Brunette MILF from the U.K. takes on and devours our stud on the Studios of

Gorgeous Brunette MILF, Gemma Gold, makes a go for the “Gold” at

Cast:  Gemma Gold, Uncredited Male

Greetings Everybody!!!

I have another AWESOME post for you!!!

A good view of Gemma Gold

Today I bring you Gemma Gold!!

Once again, we travel across “The Pond” to the United Kingdom, for today’s post.

Gemma was born and raised in Stafford, England.

I must say, the U.K. produces its “fair share” of porn.

In this blog alone, we also have Anna Joy, Jamie Ray, Sabrina Jade and Molly Maracas, who are also from the United Kingdom.

Gemma Gold gives our stud a Nice Blowjob

As you can see, Gemma is a GORGEOUS Brunette 43-year-old, who has a beautiful, slender body and very nice, natural tits.

If you were to travel to Stafford and “bump into” Gemma, then I have a few pointers for you.

  1. Her favorite movie is “Shawshank Redemption”.
  2. She loves Italian food and
  3. She also enjoys traveling to St. Lucia (in the Caribbean).

Our stud goes to work on Gemma Gold

So, if you were to have a date with Gemma, I would think that you would do quite well with her if you:

  • Wine and dine her at an Italian restaurant
  • Take her to a Stephen King movie, and
  • Do so, while on a beautiful tropical island in the Eastern Caribbean

You would also score BIG TIME with Gemma if you look somewhat like Billy Ray Cyrus.

She mentioned that Billy Ray is her “ideal man”.

Gemma Gold grabs our stud's cock

I would like to thank our friends at for these AMAZING pictures.

If you would like to see more photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five images within this post.


Gemma Gold rides some cock



Mature British Brunette Porn Star – Sabrina Jade

Gorgeous Busty Mature Brunette Sabrina Jade is having car trouble and needs help. She knocks on Sam’s door who agrees to help her and gets handsomely rewarded for his efforts.

Bikini-wearing, Busty, Mature Porn Star Sabrina Jade has car trouble and needs assistance on

Cast:  Sabrina Jade, Sam Bourne

Greetings Everybody!!!

I have yet another amazing post for you!!

Sabrina Jade posing prior to scene

Today I would like to introduce you to Sabrina Jade.

Sabrina comes to us from the United Kingdom (just like Anna Joy and Jamie Ray).

In this episode, Sabrina was out partying and started having car problems when she was driving home.

In the meantime, Sam (our Stud du jour) is in a very grumpy mood and prefers to be by himself for the evening.

These two separate events have Sabrina knocking on Sam’s front door, looking for help.

Sam Bourne greets Sabrina Jade at the door

When Sam opens up his front door, he sees a GORGEOUS, Busty Mature Sabrina, wearing a Bikini.

QUESTION:  Does Sam “buck up” and improve his mood and attitude right away?

Or does he continue to be a jerk and miss out on a “Golden Opportunity” to help this GORGEOUS woman in need?

Fortunately for Sam, his mother didn’t raise a total fool.  He regains his composure and allows Sabrina to come into his house and use his phone.

Sam Bourne goes to work on Sabrina Jade's tits

Now, since this is a Porn Episode, you know where this sequence of events is going.

Sam gets rewarded for his good deed, by getting a much closer look at Sabrina and her bikini.

He also gets a very nice blowjob (that kicks things into high gear) as well.

We always hear people say that “helping another human being in need is the greatest experience in life”.

Sam Bourne gets busy with Sabrina Jade

We are certainly seeing evidence of that axiom play out here in this episode.

I would like to thank our friends at for these AMAZING pictures and video.

If you would like to see more photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the first four images within this post.

Click HERE or click on the 5th image, within this post, to see a short video from this scene.



Sabrina Jade starts to suck Sam Bourne's cock

30-Something Redhead Porn Star – Anna Joy

Gorgeous Redhead Anna Joy shows the World, how “they roll” (sexually) in the United Kingdom.

Gorgeous Redhead MILF Anna Joy shows off her skills on

Cast:  Anna Joy, Uncredited Male

Greetings Everybody!!

I have another SPECTACULAR post for you today!!!

Anna Joy gets cozy with Stud

Today I bring you, Anna Joy!!

We had to travel all the way, across “the Pond” to Manchester, England for this post.

Yes, I have another British model for you today!!  Jamie Ray is also from the U.K.

So Anna was born in (and I believe) continues to live in Manchester.

However, she has listed Florida as being her favorite place to “hang”.

Stud goes to work on Anna Joy

As of the time that I wrote this post, August 27, 2017, Anna was 37 years old.

This is also her very first year in the Porn Industry.

So she is getting a relatively late start in the industry.

However, I do have models in this post that have started much later than 37.

Anna Joy sucks some cock

Crystal King began her porn career at the ripe age of 70.

If you were to “bump into” Anna, then I would recommend that you take her to an Italian Restaurant.  (Italian food is her favorite).

If you were looking to take her to the movie, then she likes “Bridget Jones”.  So a movie along those lines might be good.

Anna is also into playing golf and going to the gym.  So she is a physically active person.

She did mention that the “train” was the most unusual place (for her) to have sex.

Now, I don’t know if she means a train (like the Underground, in London) or some old fashion locomotive.

I’m just throwing out some ideas and information for you.

Stud eats Anna Joy from behind

I would like to thank our friends at for these AMAZING pictures.

If you would like to see more photos, from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five images within this post.


Anna Joy rides some cock

Molly Maracas’ Big Cock Adventure

Molly Maracas shows why they call women like her “Cougars”. She attacked her prey (our stud in this case) with a vengeance. Intense cock sucking and fucking occur afterward.

Gorgeous Blond, British Cougar Molly Maracas takes on a Big Dick on

Cast:  Molly Maracas, Steve Q

Molly Maracas a gorgeous MILF that hails from the United Kingdom.

Molly Maracas poses prior to shoot

I have seen her around on various other “Mature Porn” related sites.  I will work to include postings (of her) from those sites as well.

We can thank our friends at for this scene with Molly.

Additionally, Molly is not my first posting with a MILF from the United Kingdom.  My previous post (Jamie Ray makes her Debut) also hails from the United Kingdom.

Now, if you are interested in “bumping into” Molly, then your best bet is to hang out in Prague (in the Czech Republic).  That is her favorite place in the World.

Molly Maracas gets cozy with our Stud

I will warn you that Molly does have expensive taste.  She once mentioned that her favorite food is Caviar.  In other words, taking her through the drive-through at McDonald’s is not going to impress her, my friends.

On a side note, Prague has become a MEGA Porn Capital.  A whole lot of porn is coming out of Eastern Europe these days and Prague is (indeed) the center of the action.

Anyway, back to Molly.

Molly Maracas heating things up

As you can see, Molly has a pretty amazing body, especially for a woman in her 50s.

She also has very nice tits, which is in stark contrast to her face.

Molly has a very innocent face (that covers up for much of the rest of her activities).  I would say that she looks a lot like an older version of the (non-porn) actress, Laura Dern.

Molly Maracas sucking cock

If you are interested in seeing a larger set of photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the first four images in this post.

Click HERE or click on the 5th image (in this post) to see a short video of this scene.



Molly Maracas taking some dick

Jamie Ray makes her Debut

Jamie Ray is a gorgeous British pornstar that works our stud over at the “” studios. This is an AMAZING sex scene.

Gorgeous Mature Brunette Jamie Ray arrives, shows and proves at

Cast:  Jamie Ray, Uncredited Male

Hello All.

Today I am pleased to introduce to you, Ms. Jamie Ray.

Jamie comes to us, courtesy of our friends at  A website that (as you might have guessed) specializes in Pornstars over the age of 30.

Jamie Ray gets cozy with Stud

In this case, Jamie is 35 years old.

Jamie is clearly a gorgeous brunette with a very sexy body and very nice tits.

If you are interested in meeting Jamie, then you will most likely have the best luck in that, if you travel to Birmingham, (in the United Kingdom).  Not Alabama.

Jamie Ray starts working on a cock

Jamie was born in Birmingham and claims that it is also her favorite city to “hang in”.

Ms. Ray also claims that she works as a full-time model.  Now, I don’t know if she does “straight” (e.g., NOT Porn) modeling as well.

Jamie Ray continues to work on a cock

This is my first time to see or notice Jamie in porn.  So I am guessing that she “dabbles” in both Porn and Non-Porn modeling.

If you do happen to “bump” into Jame, then I would suggest that an ideal date would be (first) to a restaurant that serves great steaks.  Jamie loves a good steak.

Jamie Ray gets fucked from behind

Afterward, you can bring her back to your crib and play the DVD “Dirty Dancing”.  That is one of her favorite movies.

If you wish to check out a larger set of photos from this scene, then click HERE or on any of the five images in this post.

Jamie Ray rides a cock

I will keep a sharp eye out for Jamie in the future.  I certainly hope to see more from her.