Gorgeous Mature Redhead Raven gets Fucked

Raven is a gorgeous, Redhead MILF that loves to fuck. And we have the pictures that prove it here. Check out this post, as our stud fucks her 8-ways to Sunday.

Our Stud fucks Gorgeous Redhead MILF Raven eight-way to Sunday on OldSpunkers.com

Cast:  Raven, Uncredited Male

Greetings all!!!

Today I have another EXCELLENT post for you today!!

I have a gorgeous Redhead MILF of the name Raven today.

Raven and our stud

As is common for porn, there is no plot or underlying storyline here.

Just a gorgeous, horny MILF and a lucky stud that gets to fuck her.

In this post, we get to see him get “straight to the point” as he begins fucking her both doggy style and missionary.

Our stud starts fucking Raven

I would like to thank our friends at OldSpunkers.com for these AWESOME photos.

You also can tell, from the smile on her face, that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING innocent about this model.

She came to have sex and party and she is enjoying it BIG TIME.

Another view of Raven

Unfortunately, I do not know much more about Raven.

These photos were taken some time ago and I have not seen much of her since then.

Anyway, the only thing that we can do is enjoy these gorgeous women as we come across and see them.

Our Stud about to fuck Raven some more

If you wish to see more photos from this scene then click HERE or click on any of the five photos within this post.


Our stud fucking Raven some more

Mature Brunette Pornstar Debella

Mature Brunette Pornstar Debella takes on Dirty Harry in this fierce Sex Scene.

Mature Brunette Pornstar Debella Makes Dirty Harry’s Day at OldSpunkers.com

Cast:  Debella, Dirty Harry

Hello All,

I just have a video (below) for you.

This video is of Debella (who is wearing fishnet stockings) and our lucky stud, Dirty Harry.  And no, not the “Dirty Harry” from those 1970s Clint Eastwood movies.

I would like to give a shout out to OldSpunkers.com for this AWESOME video!!!

Click on the Arrow in the Dark Space below.  The video will start playing.


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Katanya Blade – A Curvy, Goth Cougar

Katanya Blade is preparing a meal in the kitchen when she is interrupted by our stud. He needs an AWESOME blowjob and fucking a lot more than he needs scrambled eggs and bacon.

Curvy, Goth Redhead Cougar Katanya Blade makes an appearance at OldSpunkers.com

Cast:  Katanya Blade, Dino Bravo

Hello All,

I am pleased to introduce one of my favorite MILFs to my blog.

Katanya Blade poses with our stud

Katanya is a gorgeous, voluptuous mature brunette that has a LOT to offer.

She has a very nice and curvy body and she has an AWESOME pair of tits.

Katanya Blade lets our stud service her

You can alway identify Katanya by the “branch with leaves” tattoo on her left breast.

This particular scene is brought to us, courtesy of our friends at OldSpunkers.com.

In this scene, Katanya is minding her business and preparing a meal in the kitchen when our stud comes in and interrupts the whole process.

Katanya Blade gives our stud a blowjob

Now, who can blame our stud, when Katanya is dressed like that.  She’s just wearing some skimpy shorts and her bra.  You can clearly see her gorgeous body, plain as day.

I don’t believe that I would just simply walk past her and get milk out of the refrigerator and leave.

So, instead of scrambled eggs and bacon, our stud will simply have Katanya.

Katanya Blade takes some dick

Wise decision, I would have made the same choice.

Having Katanya give you a blowjob and then fucking her offers you FAR less cholesterol than do eggs and bacon.

Katanya Blade rides some cock

I do not believe that Katanya is in the porn industry anymore.  However, her pictures and videos are certainly worth preserving and sharing.

I will post any other scenes that I find with Katanya.

If you wish to see a larger set of photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five images in this post.