Slender Brunette Cougar – Honey Ray

Amazing Slender, Brunette Cougar Honey Ray takes on Legendary Pornstar, Levi Cash in this INTENSE Sex Scene. Enjoy!!

Amazing Slender Brunette Cougar, Honey Ray swings with Levi Cash at

Cast:  Honey Ray, Levi Cash

Greetings Everybody!!

I have another EXCELLENT post for you today!!

Honey Ray gets cozy with Levi Cash

Today I bring you Honey Ray!!

As you can see, Honey has a very nice slender body with nice big tits.  She actually looks very good for 55 years of age.  That was her age when she was filming this scene with Levi Cash.

Honey was born and grow up in Miami, Florida.

She entered the porn industry, late in her life, at the age of 54, in 2009.  Honey left the porn industry in 2014.

Honey Ray sucks cock

She is also a Swinger and exhibits a lot of that attitude during her rendezvous with Levi Cash.

For those of you that care about such things, Honey celebrates her Birthday on September 23rd.  This makes her a Libra, my friends.

I mentioned that Honey left the porn industry in 2014.  This, of course, means that we cannot expect to see any more new material from her.

However, that certainly does not prevent us from enjoying what she left for us.

Honey Ray rides cock

In this episode, she hooks with the Legendary Pornstar, Levi Cash.

Right from the beginning, Levi goes straight for Honey’s tits.  At that point, “its ON”!!

Honey follows up by giving Levi a very nice blowjob.

Afterward, she is riding Levi like a stallion (both reverse cowgirl and then forward).

Honey Ray rides cock some more

I will let these AMAZING pictures (from our friends at reveal what all goes on during this session.

If you would like to see more photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five (5) images, within this post.


Levi Cash continues to fuck Honey Ray

Gorgeous Blond MILF – Jessica Sexton

Gorgeous Blond MILF Jessica Sexton is checking out her Daughter’s boyfriend. However, she goes WAY beyond the due diligences that most Mother’s do.

Gorgeous Blond MILF Jessica Sexton takes her Daughter’s boyfriend for a “Test Drive” on

Cast:  Jessica Sexton, Kiro Gray

Greetings all!!!

I have another fascinating post for you today!

Jessica Sexton doing some laundry

Today I bring you, Jessica Sexton.

As you can see, Jessica is a Gorgeous 53-year-old Blond MILF with a very nice slender body.

She’s also a Mother.

In this scene, Jessica’s Daughter is now dating this young handsome man.

And, Jessica needs to check him out – thoroughly!!

Most mothers will ask you (a potential date for her daughter) about your parents, your plans and ambitions, and all.

Jessica Sexton gets cozy with stud

Jessica certainly “kicked over all of those rocks” and then some.

She now wants to find out about him in bed.

In this case, it is hard to figure Jessica’s exact motivations in “checking out the Daughter’s boyfriend” so thoroughly.

Either Jessica just wants to make sure that he’s “good enough” (in bed) for my daughter, or

She may want to play “interloper” and take him for herself.

Jessica Sexton and stud

In either case, I think that you would agree that Jessica’s approach (to her Daughter’s boyfriend) would be unconventional, at best.

How well did our stud do?

Did he impress the mom (Jessica)?

Is she going to try to “horn in” and steal this boyfriend from her daughter?

Stay tuned my friends.

Jessica Sexton and her pussy

I would like to thank our friends at for these AMAZING pictures.

If you would like to see more photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five images within this post.


Jessica Sexton goes to work

MILFs Lake Russell and Ashley Sanders take on Jordan

Lake Russell invites married couple (Jordan and Ashley Sanders) to a pool party. However, since Jordan forgot his swimming trunks and entered the pool naked, that kicked the whole party into a wild 3Some.

MILFs Lake Russell and Ashley Sanders take partying with Jordan to a new level on

Cast:  Lake Russell, Ashley Sanders, Jordan

Lake Russell decided to throw a pool party and invited a couple (Ashley Sanders and Jordan) over.

Lake Russell poses prior to scene

Everything was calm and mellow until Jordan realized that he forgot his swimming trunks.

But hey!!!  That’s not a problem.  So Jordan just entered the pool naked.

That event eliminated the calm and mellowness of the day.

Lake Russell and Ashley Sanders

Right away both of the MILFs started tag-team and giving Jordan nice blowjobs.

Don’t you wish that was your dick?

Ahhh…. we can still dream!!!

I would like to give a shout out for giving us this wonderful fantasy event.

Lake Russell, Ashley Sanders and Jordan in pool

Of course, this party has now turned into a Three-some.

Additionally, blowjobs are turning into fuck sessions.

Forgetting his trunks was the smartest thing that Jordan has ever done.

He now gets to “bag” two AWESOME MILFs at once.

Lake Russell and Ashley Sanders gives Jordan a blowjob

They say that a “Bird in the hand beats two in the bush”.  However, nothing beats fucking two AMAZING MILFs.

Of course, Jordan can fuck both of them at exactly the same time.  He fucks his wife (Ashley first).  I guess he’s obligated to that for his wife.  He can give Lake “sloppy seconds”.

Otherwise, he would never hear the end of this.

Jordan fucks Lake Russell

If you wish to see a larger set of photos from this AMAZING sex scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five images within this post.


Mature Asian Pornstar – Sahara Blue

Sahara Blue is a gorgeous Asian Mature Porn Star that gets lucky and draws JMac during her first porn shoot. If are interested in seeing a petite, innocent-looking woman take a big dick like a pro, then this is your scene.

Gorgeous Asian Mature Pornstar Sahara Blue goes big with JMac on

Cast:  Sahara Blue, JMac

Greetings Everybody!!

Today I bring you Sahara Blue.

Sahara Blue prepares for the porn shoot

Sahara is a gorgeous, slender, Asian MILF that hails from Taiwan.

Sahara’s bio states that she works as a Business Analyst and lives in Phoenix, AZ.

She also enjoys biking and Zumba.

Therefore, if you wish to increase the odds of you “bumping into Sahara”, then you need to start hanging at either bicycle paths or places where they have Zumba classes, in the Phoenix area.

Sahara Blue gets services by JMac

If you’re into slender Asian Mature woman, then Sahara is “tonic” for you, my friend.

Also, check out Tala Basi (a gorgeous Filipina MILF) and Kim Ahn if you wish to check out a couple of other gorgeous Asian Mature Pornstar.

Sahara claims that she has never been a swinger, nor has she really lived a wildlife.


She decides to star in a Porn Movie and draws JMac at the first outing in this scene via

JMac is licking Sahara Blue's hairy pussy

At the very least, Sahara’s life just got a bit more interesting now.

It is amazing to see such a petite, innocent-looking woman (like Sahara) take JMac’s dick so well and aggressively.

All of this makes me wonder just how boring Sahara’s life has really been, away from Porn.

Sahara Blue is getting more loving from JMac

I’ve enjoyed checking out Sahara’s pictures and movie.  I certainly hope to be able to do some more postings of her in the near future.

If you wish to see a larger set of photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the first four images within this post.

Click HERE or click on the 5th image in this post, to see a short video of this AMAZING sex scene.



Sahara Blue taking some dick

Tala Basi comes to for Dick

Tala Basi, a Gorgeous MILF from the Philippines drops by the Studios and shows us her favorite hobby…. Riding Dick.

Filipina Mature Pornstar Tala Basi shows us GREAT Bed-Sides manners at

Cast:  Tala Basi, Jimmy Dix

Tala is a gorgeous 30-something-year-old Asian woman that originally comes to us from the Philippines.

That country creates a lot of beautiful women!!!

Tala Basi - Gorgeous Asian MILF prepares to fuck

She is relatively new to the Industry (although I have seen her on other sites).

According to, she mostly works as a Nurse and Lives in Florida.

Tala Basi - Gorgeous Asian MILF - Ready for Action

Porn is sort of a diversion (from her “normal life”) for her – so she says.

Nonetheless, Tala Basi shows us her GREAT Bed-Side Manners, in this scene.

Hence, if she is (indeed) a Nurse, she would be AWESOME!!!

Tala Basi - Gorgeous Asian MILF - Nice Nipples

I would not mind getting sick more often and dealing with the hospital food if I had a nurse like Tala Basi.

Anyway, I will certainly be keeping an eye out for Tala.

Tala Basi - Gorgeous Asian MILF - Riding Cock

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Click HERE or click on the 5th Image, within this post, to see a short video from this scene.



Tala Basi - Gorgeous Asian MILF - Reverse Cowgirl