Brunette Czech MILF Pornstar – Lilly

Gorgeous Brunette MILF Porn Star Lilly shares a glass of Red Wine and her pussy, with our stud at

Gorgeous Brunette Czech Pornstar, Lilly shares a glass of Red Wine and more, with our stud on

Cast:  Lilly, Uncredited Male

Greetings Everybody!!

I have another GREAT post for you today!!!

Lilly shares a glass of red wine with our stud

Today I bring you, Lilly!!

As you can see, Lilly is a GORGEOUS Brunette MILF, with a very nice, curvy body and a pair of Wonderful, Natural Tits!!

She was born and raised in Czechoslovakia (which is now known as the Czech Republic).

I keep telling you guys, the Czech Republic is a great source of porn these days.

Lilly and our stud go to work

There are a lot of gorgeous women in that region (Czech Republic, Hungary, and even Russia).

Lilly is a Divorcee and is also a Mother of 2 children.

I believe that she was 48 years old when she appeared in this particular hardcore sex scene (at

I have also seen Lilly at other Mature sites as well, and I believe that she is still active in the Porn Industry.

Lilly starts sucking cock

In this particular scene, Lilly is sharing a bottle of Red Wine with our Stud.

Red Wine is always a great way to start an evening, and sex (which does happen here) is a great way to end the evening.

After she has taken a few sips of wine, she starts to loosen up (get more comfortable) and then proceeds to give our lucky stud a nice blowjob.

Next, our stud gets the pleasure of pulling out his cock and furiously pounds her nicely shaved pussy!!

Lilly continues to suck cock

Finally, our stud finishes up the scene, by pulling out and cumming all over her tits.

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Lilly is working our stud's cock

Brunette MILF Raven LeChance gets Comfy

Gorgeous Brunette MILF Raven LeChance is a bit shy, when she’s in the studio, ready to perform in a sex scene. However, our stud, Tony calms her down by rubbing her pussy. After that, its “all good”.

GORGEOUS Slender Brunette MILF Raven LeChance gets Comfortable with Tony on

Cast:  Raven LeChance, Tony D’Sergio

Greetings Everybody!!!

I have another healthy dose of porn for you today!!

Raven LeChance poses prior to scene.

Today I bring you Raven LeChance.

As you can see, Raven is a gorgeous, slender Brunette MILF with an AMAZING body and very NICE tits.

She is 48-years-old and looks extremely good for her age.

In reality, Raven is married (for real).

She was born in Illinois and now currently lives in Florida.

Raven gets cozy with Tony

This is quite convenient because the studios are also in Florida.

In this episode, Raven is in bed with Tony (our stud du jour).

And Tony starts “talking dirty” in order to “get things going” in the scene.

Raven quickly states that she is no real comfortable with “talking dirty” with a complete stranger.

Tony goes to work on Raven LeChance

However, when Tony starts to rub her pussy, then her hesitation seems to evaporate.

Now she’s REAL comfortable!!!

Raven does tell Tony to “stick your fingers in me”.

I guess that pretty close to talking dirty.

She must have been raised by very strict parents that washed her mouth out with soap, whenever she said anything inappropriate.

So it must be ingrained in her, even though she is now (sort of) the ultimate “bad girl” by performing in a porn video.

Tony reveals the goods - Raven LeChance

I would like to thank our friends at for these AMAZING pictures and video.

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Tony gets to work on Raven LeChance's ass.

Brunette MILF with Big Tits – Tori Dean

Gorgeous Brunette MILF Tori Dean loses a bet with a younger male. The lucky guy wins the opportunity to “have his way with her (sexually)”.

Gorgeous Brunette MILF Tori Dean takes on a Stud, half her age at

Cast:  Tori Dean, Uncredited Male

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I have another SIZZLING post for you today!!!

Tori Dean with our Stud

Today I bring you, Tori Dean

Tori is a GORGEOUS 46-year-old Brunette MILF (Mothers I would Like to Fuck) who has a very nice large pair of tits.

Actually, Tori was 46 at the time that this episode was filmed.  She is older now.

Tori was born in Phoenix, Arizona.

Tori Dean shows off "the goods"

However, given that she is now in the Porn Industry, I’m willing to bet that she doesn’t live there anymore.

She probably most likely lives in the Los Angeles or Miami areas.

At least that where much of the Porn Industry exists within the USA.

In this scene, Tori loses a bet (to a younger male).

And, of course, whenever you lose a wager, you need to “pay up”.

Our stud goes to work on Tori Dean

In this case, the lucky (winning) stud gets to “have his way” with Tori.

Don’t you love those kinds of bets?

If we are to assume that the “winner gets to have their way with the loser”, in both cases, then even the loser wins!!

Tori measures 36-27-36 and has size-D cups, so our lucky stud wins BIG TIME!!!

Tori Dean is getting ready for action

I would like to thank our friends at for these AMAZING pictures and video.

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Tori Dean shows off her amazing body

Amazing Redhead MILF Karen Kougar

Karen Kougar catches a Levi Cash (peeping in on her, while she was dressing). That’s not cool!! There is a price to pay for this transgression. Levi is forced to give Karen an Anal Creampie. I know, that’s unusual, but this is porn, and this scene is SCORCHING HOT!!!

Redhead Mature Pornstar Karen Kougar puts Levi Cash to work on

Cast:  Karen Kougar, Levi Cash

Greetings all!!!

What can you say about a porn star that goes by the name “Karen Kougar”?

Karen Kougar poses prior to scene

Does “Horny Older Woman” come to mind?

Well, that is precisely what we have here.

Karen is a gorgeous 50-year-old Redhead, who is from the Country.

In this episode, she is getting dressed, when she happens to spot a “peeping Tom”.

Actually, it wasn’t a peeping Tom, it was the famous porn star, Levi Cash.

Karen Kougar goes to work on Levi Cash

However, none of that matters here.

Since Levi was “busted”, there is now a price to pay.

Levi is now in Karen’s crib.  That means that he is in her jurisdiction (if you will).

In other words, she “calls the shots”.

Karen decrees that Levi has to pay for his transgressions with an Anal Creampie.

Levi Cash grabs Karen Kougar's tits

Now, I will admit, that is not the usual request that you would get in such circumstances.

If you were busted (for being a “peeping Tom”) by somebody, you would typically be looking at a free ride to your local police station.

But not here.  This is porn and the rules are completely different in porn.

Levi is forced to work through his sentence of doing “hard time” (pun intended) and giving Karen that Anal Creampie.

Karen Kougar sucks some cock

I guess this is justice within the court system.

If you wish to see more photos and a short video from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five images within this post.


Levi Cash continues his work on Karen Kougar