Brunette MILF Raven LeChance gets Comfy

Gorgeous Brunette MILF Raven LeChance is a bit shy, when she’s in the studio, ready to perform in a sex scene. However, our stud, Tony calms her down by rubbing her pussy. After that, its “all good”.

GORGEOUS Slender Brunette MILF Raven LeChance gets Comfortable with Tony on

Cast:  Raven LeChance, Tony D’Sergio

Greetings Everybody!!!

I have another healthy dose of porn for you today!!

Raven LeChance poses prior to scene.

Today I bring you Raven LeChance.

As you can see, Raven is a gorgeous, slender Brunette MILF with an AMAZING body and very NICE tits.

She is 48-years-old and looks extremely good for her age.

In reality, Raven is married (for real).

She was born in Illinois and now currently lives in Florida.

Raven gets cozy with Tony

This is quite convenient because the studios are also in Florida.

In this episode, Raven is in bed with Tony (our stud du jour).

And Tony starts “talking dirty” in order to “get things going” in the scene.

Raven quickly states that she is no real comfortable with “talking dirty” with a complete stranger.

Tony goes to work on Raven LeChance

However, when Tony starts to rub her pussy, then her hesitation seems to evaporate.

Now she’s REAL comfortable!!!

Raven does tell Tony to “stick your fingers in me”.

I guess that pretty close to talking dirty.

She must have been raised by very strict parents that washed her mouth out with soap, whenever she said anything inappropriate.

So it must be ingrained in her, even though she is now (sort of) the ultimate “bad girl” by performing in a porn video.

Tony reveals the goods - Raven LeChance

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Tony gets to work on Raven LeChance's ass.

Amazing Brunette MILF – Alesia Pleasure

AMAZING Brunette MILF Alesia Pleasure lives up to her name by giving Logan a nice blowjob and letting him pound her pussy.

Gorgeous Brunette MILF Alesia Pleasure lives up to her name on

Cast:  Alesia Pleasure, Logan

Greetings Everybody!!

Today, I’m introducing a model from a new site.  Well, it’s new to this blog).

Well, actually the site is not new.  It is just new to this blog.

Alesia Pleasure poses prior to scene.

Our model of the day comes to us from

I would like to introduce you to Alesia Pleasure.

Alesia is also appearing with Logan.

I think that Logan has to be one of the luckiest men in the World. is all a part of the family of websites.

Alesia Pleasure starts sucking Logan's cock

TandaStudios has MANY family members, all handled by many different female pornstars.

Logan, our lucky stud, seems to be doing A LOT of the fucking on these websites.

That’s a lot of fucking with many different women.

I know that this must be a tough life.

But, I guess, someone’s gotta do it!!!

Logan starts fucking Alesia Pleasure

In this episode, Alesia starts things off by grabbing Logan’s dick and giving him a very NICE blow job.

Afterward, Logan “goes for the Gold” and starts pounding Alesia’s pussy.

Eventually, he pulls out (yanks off his condom) and sprays cum on her tits.

Logan fucks Alesia Pleasure from behind

There’s no doubt that (in this case) Ms. Pleasure has lived up to her name.

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Logan continues to fuck Alesia Pleasure

Gorgous Blond Cougar Julia Ann

Gorgeous Blond MILF Julia Ann has a thing for Justin (one of her son’s friends). One day after Justin was drying off (in the guest room, after using their pool in the backyard), Julia barges in on Justin, while he is nude. He tries to hide his cock behind a towel, but Julia just grabs the towel. Justin has no choice but to enjoy a nice blowjob and pound her pussy. Poor guy!!!

Gorgeous Blond Cougar Julia Ann forces her way on her son’s friend, Justin at

Cast:  Julia Ann, Justin Hunt

Hello All.

I have a wonderful new MILF for you today.

Today I bring you, Julia Ann.

Julia Ann prior to the scene

I know that that particular name sounds very plain and ordinary.

But there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING plain or ordinary about this model.

I believe that she is in her 40s, but she still has an AMAZING body with GORGEOUS tits.

In this episode, Julia’s son has a friend (Justin) that likes to use their pool (in the backyard).

Julia certainly doesn’t mind him using the pool, even when (or ESPECIALLY WHEN) her son is not around.

Julia Ann begins sucking cock

One time Justin was inside the Guest Room, drying off (after a swim) and Julia just barges in.

Justin is all bashful and shy and is covering up his cock with a towel.  But Julia just simply grabs the towel away from Justin, so that she can get a good look at his cock.

Soon Julia is giving Justin a nice blowjob.

Have any of you ever fantasized about fucking one of your friend’s mom, when you were teenagers?

Julia Ann continues her work

If so, then Justin is living out your dream, my friend.

Eventually, Justin starts pounding her pussy and it’s all good!!!

I would like to thank for these AWESOME photos.

Justin Hunt starts fucking Julia Ann

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Julia Ann is riding Justin Hunt's cock



Gorgeous Mature Redhead Raven gets Fucked

Raven is a gorgeous, Redhead MILF that loves to fuck. And we have the pictures that prove it here. Check out this post, as our stud fucks her 8-ways to Sunday.

Our Stud fucks Gorgeous Redhead MILF Raven eight-way to Sunday on

Cast:  Raven, Uncredited Male

Greetings all!!!

Today I have another EXCELLENT post for you today!!

I have a gorgeous Redhead MILF of the name Raven today.

Raven and our stud

As is common for porn, there is no plot or underlying storyline here.

Just a gorgeous, horny MILF and a lucky stud that gets to fuck her.

In this post, we get to see him get “straight to the point” as he begins fucking her both doggy style and missionary.

Our stud starts fucking Raven

I would like to thank our friends at for these AWESOME photos.

You also can tell, from the smile on her face, that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING innocent about this model.

She came to have sex and party and she is enjoying it BIG TIME.

Another view of Raven

Unfortunately, I do not know much more about Raven.

These photos were taken some time ago and I have not seen much of her since then.

Anyway, the only thing that we can do is enjoy these gorgeous women as we come across and see them.

Our Stud about to fuck Raven some more

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Our stud fucking Raven some more

Bexxxy – Gorgeous Latina shows her skills in the Kitchen

Bexxxy, a gorgeous 40-something-year-old Latina woman, turns up the heat on our stud, Joe, in the kitchen.

Salvadorian MILF Bexxxy makes Sexual history at

Cast:  Bexxxy, Joe

Greetings Everybody, I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite Mature Pornstars.

Everybody, please see meet Bexxxy.  This gorgeous Latina Pornstar comes to us courtesy of our friends at

She is one of my personal favorite pornstars.

Bexxxy - A Gorgeous Mature Latina Pornstar

In this scene, Bexxxy is taking good care of a VERY LUCKY gentleman of the name “Joe” (no doubt his real name).

Bexxxy strips down - ready for action

Bexxxy hails from El Salvador.  However, if you are interested in actually meeting her, you would be far better off hanging out in places such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Santa Barbara.

I would further recommend that you check out some of the Mexican, Italian and Salvadorian Restaurants in those towns.  Those are (apparently) her favorite types of food.

Bexxxy gives nice blow job

I know that roaming about and checking all of the Italian, Mexican and Salvadorian restaurants (in those three cities) doesn’t help to narrow your search for her.  But, this is the best intelligence that I have about her.

I can give you one more hint about (where to find her).  She claims that she likes to work out in “the gym”.

Bexxxy rides Joe's dick

Once again, I’m sorry.  I don’t believe that I’ve narrowed your search for her by very much.

Bexxxy takes a dick from behind

Please do report back to this blog – in the COMMENTS section if you do happen spot Bexxxy.

If you get a chance to go out on a date with our featured pornstar, please note that she enjoys Action and Comedy types of Movies.

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I hope that you enjoy these photos.