Slender 30-Something Brunette – Tara Ashley

Gorgeous, Slender 30-Something Brunette pornstar Tara Ashley takes on our stud in the stud of

Gorgeous, Slender 30-Something Brunette, Tara Ashley takes  on our stud at

Cast:  Tara Ashley, Uncredited Male

Greetings Everybody!!

I have another AMAZING post for you today!!

Tara Ashley poses prior to scene

Today I bring you, Tara Ashley!!

As you can see, Tara is a GORGEOUS Slender Brunette pornstar.

At the time that these photos were taken, she was 32-years old

Tara was born and grew up in Carmichael, California.  That is in the Greater Sacramento area.

Although, I get the impression that Tara is currently living in the Los Angeles Area now.

Tara Ashley strips off her clothes for our stud

Some Guidelines for Dating Tara

So, if you’re in LA and you happen to “bump into” Tara, then I recommend that you take her to a good Mexican Restaurant.

Tara claims that Mexican food is her favorite.

I would also recommend that you take her on a nice outing at the Beach.  Tara mentioned that the “Beach” is her favorite place.

If you would like to take her to a movie, then be advised that “The Godfather” is her favorite movie.  I hope that gives you something to “work with”.

Tara Ashley sucks a cock

Finally, if you do get “lucky” with Tara, then the quickest (and the most effective) way to give her an orgasm is to fuck her doggy-style.

Tara also claims that she works as a Nanny (in addition to, of course, being a porn star).

I would imagine that she has to work hard to keep those two aspects of her life, as far apart from each other, as possible.

I don’t know how many parents would be “cool” with the idea of leaving their kids in the care of a pornstar.

Tara Ashley starts riding our stud

But I suspect that number is “Not Many”.

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Tara Ashley continues to ride our stud's cock

Slender Ebony JetSet Jasmine – On Video

This post contains an INTENSE video of GORGEOUS Ebony MILF JetSet Jasmine, taking on our stud. Enjoy!!!

Gorgeous Slender Ebony MILF JetSet Jasmine shows us her skills on Video at

Cast:  JetSet Jasmine, Uncredited Male

Greetings Everybody!!

I have (yet) another EXCELLENT post for you!!

Today, I bring back JetSet, but this time in a video.

I recently posted an update about JetSet.

In this post, I will include a link to a video of her and our stud.

I would like to thank our friends at for this AMAZING video.

Click HERE or click on the image below to see a short video of JetSet.  A new window will open up, permitting you to view the video.


JetSet Jasmine takes a cock from behind


Slender Ebony MILF Porn Star – JetSet Jasmine

Gorgeous Ebony MILF Porn Star shows us that she still has her “groove” (with our stud) at the studios of

Gorgeous Slender Ebony MILF shows us that she’s got game at

Cast:  Jetset Jasmine, Uncredited Male

Greetings Everybody!!!

I have another AMAZING post for you today!!!

JetSet Jasmine sits on our lucky stud's face

Today I bring you, JetSet Jasmine!!

JetSet is a GORGEOUS 37-year-old Slender Ebony Porn Star that hails from Queens, NY.

Not only is JetSet GORGEOUS and Wild, she is also extremely intelligent.

She reports that she has 3 College Degrees.

Hence, the stereotypical characterization of a porn star as being that desperate runaway, that got conned into the adult-film industry, because she was hounded by the “evil masters” of porn, does not apply here.

JetSet Jasmine gives our lucky stud a nice blowjob.

A person with 3 College Degrees has options.

JetSet is in Porn, by choice.

She also stated that her favorite place (to vacation) is Hedonism, Jamaica.

For those of you who are unaware, Hedonism (Jamaica) is a famous “Clothing-Optional” Vacation Resort in Jamaica.

Therefore, JetSet is VERY MUCH the exhibitionist even on Vacation.

JetSet Jasmine sits on our lucky stud's cock

If you were to ever “bump” into JetSet and get her to go out on a date with you, I would recommend that you take her to a very GOOD Pizza Place.

Her favorite food is Pizza.

After you both have finished eating, you will need to be prepared to burn off those calories (that you just consumed – at the Pizza Parlor).  JetSet loves to go out dancing.

She is particularly fond of Dancing to Latin Music.

If you were to get her back to your crib, to watch a DVD (among other things), then I would recommend that you have a copy of the DVD “Dirty Dancing” around.

Our lucky stud continues to fuck JetSet Jasmine

That is her favorite movie.

OK, my friends, I have given you some hints on how to move forward with JetSet, should the opportunity ever arise.

I would like to thank our friends at for these amazing pictures.

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JetSet Jasmine takes a cock from behind

Gorgeous Brunette MILF – Olivia Wilder

Gorgeous Brunette 30-year-old Olivia Wilder makes an appearance in the studios of During this session, she gives an AMAZING blow job and ferociously rides our stud’s cock.

Brunette MILF Olivia Wilder goes for a Wild Cock Ride on

Cast:  Olivia Wilder, Uncredited Male

Greetings Everybody!!

I have another AMAZING post for you today!

Olivia Wilder and Stud

Today, I would like to introduce you to Olivia Wilder.

Olivia is a GORGEOUS 30-year-old Brunette, who has a very nice slender body and natural tits.

She was born in Rhode Island but tells us that her favorite place is “Portuguese Point”.

For those of you that do not know, Portuguese Point is located near Rancho Palos Verdes (which is along the coast of Los Angeles County).

Stud goes to work on Olivia Wilder

That’s a good choice.  Portuguese Point is INDEED a beautiful area.  It offers an AMAZING view of the Pacific Ocean.

Olivia’s “favorite place” suggests that she lives in Southern California.

So, if you are looking to (AHEM) accidentally “bump” into Olivia.  I would then recommend that you restrict your search to the Los Angeles area.

Olivia also tells us that her favorite type of music is “Country” and that her favorite food is “Sweet Potatoes”.

Olivia Wilder starts to suck cock

Finally, Olivia quite the romantic.  She has listed her favorite movie as being “The Notebook”.

So, if you were to take her out on a date, then going to a see a very romantic movie would be a VERY Good choice.

By the Way, Olivia is not the only fan of “The Notebook” that I have on this blog.

Melanie Hicks has also stated that “The Notebook” is her favorite movie as well.

Stud gets ready to fuck Olivia Wilder

Hmmm, what’s with that movie and Female Porn Stars in their early 30s?

I would like to thank our friends at for these AMAZING pictures.

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Olivia Wilder is riding cock

Gorgeous Blond Luba Love takes Control

Gorgeous Blond 30-something Luba Love arrives on the scene and gives our stud a lesson is making love to a real woman. She gives him a very nice blowjob and then he fucks her big tits and then slams her AWESOME pussy.

Gorgeous Blond Mature Russian Pornstar Luba Love takes Control of Our Stud on

Cast:  Luba Love, Uncredited Male

Greetings all.

Today, I bring you a gorgeous Blond Mature Pornstar, Luba (or Ms. Love if you prefer).

Luba Love poses prior to scene

Luba comes to us all the way from Russia.

I’m telling you guys, Eastern Europe is a huge source of porn, especially the Mature Porn.

If you’re on the hunt for some good quality Mature Porn, you will typically find it coming out of Europe, Eastern Europe in particular.

Stud tit fucks Luba Love

Many of the models that appear on are from Eastern Europe.

If you would like to (ahem) accidentally “bump into Luba”, I don’t have a lot of great advice for you.

Although the Soviet Union is no more and many of the various republics have “gone their own way” (more or less), Russia is still a very big country.

Luba Love sucks cock

Luba’s Bio does state that she was born in Uralsk, Russia.  However, when I Googled Uralsk, it stated that Uralsk is in Kazakhstan.

Perhaps Uralsk was a part of Russia (or the Soviet Union) at the time that she was born?

This is what I mean, my friends.  She’s hard to locate and ask out for a date.

I also don’t know if she speaks English.

Luba Love rides cock

Anyway, Luba is gorgeous, and her bio states that she is 30 years old.

Also, if you are able to ask her out for a date, she mentioned that her favorite food was “Meat”.  She didn’t state anything else and you can interpret that any way you wish.

We can safely state that she is NOT a VEGETARIAN.

Our lucky stud hit the jackpot in getting this assignment with Luba.  She has a very nice set of tits (which our stud takes full advantage of – by tit-fucking her).

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Luba Love rides some more cock

Tala Basi comes to for Dick

Tala Basi, a Gorgeous MILF from the Philippines drops by the Studios and shows us her favorite hobby…. Riding Dick.

Filipina Mature Pornstar Tala Basi shows us GREAT Bed-Sides manners at

Cast:  Tala Basi, Jimmy Dix

Tala is a gorgeous 30-something-year-old Asian woman that originally comes to us from the Philippines.

That country creates a lot of beautiful women!!!

Tala Basi - Gorgeous Asian MILF prepares to fuck

She is relatively new to the Industry (although I have seen her on other sites).

According to, she mostly works as a Nurse and Lives in Florida.

Tala Basi - Gorgeous Asian MILF - Ready for Action

Porn is sort of a diversion (from her “normal life”) for her – so she says.

Nonetheless, Tala Basi shows us her GREAT Bed-Side Manners, in this scene.

Hence, if she is (indeed) a Nurse, she would be AWESOME!!!

Tala Basi - Gorgeous Asian MILF - Nice Nipples

I would not mind getting sick more often and dealing with the hospital food if I had a nurse like Tala Basi.

Anyway, I will certainly be keeping an eye out for Tala.

Tala Basi - Gorgeous Asian MILF - Riding Cock

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Tala Basi - Gorgeous Asian MILF - Reverse Cowgirl