Southern Blond Slender Cougar – Katia

Gorgeous Slender Blond Cougar Katia fools Male Pornstar Carlos Rios, by pretending to be the photographer at the shoot. Fortunately, Carlos eventually figures it out.

Katia continues to ride Carlos Rios' cock

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Gorgeous Southern, Slender Cougar, Katia takes on Carlos Rios at

Cast:  Katia, Carlos Rios

Greetings Everybody!!

I have another EXCELLENT post for you today!!

Katia poses prior to scene

Today I bring you Katia!!

As you can see, Katia is a GORGEOUS Blond Cougar with a very nice, slender body and a couple of very nice Tits.

She was born and grew up in Birmingham, Alabama.

Her hobbies (in addition to doing porn) are walking and riding horses.

For those of you that care about such things, Katia celebrates her birthday on August 3rd.

Katia gets cozy with Carlos Rios

This means that she is a Leo, my friends.

In this scene, Katia poses as the photographer at a porn shoot.

In most cases, the photographers are men (who are trying to get into the female pornstar’s pants – after the scene).

Here, the “tables are turned” and it is her hitting up on our male pornstar, Carlos Rios.

Of course, Carlos, being the professional pornstar that he is, he initially hesitates.

Katia starts sucking cock

“My agent didn’t tell me about this”, he replies.

“What kind of shoot is this”, he then asks.

Fortunately, Carlos does figure it out, that he job is to do the photographer (Katia) in this case.

Of course, once Carlos figures that out, he is more than fine with it and gets “busy with her”.

Katia rides Carlos Rios' cock

I will let these AMAZING photos, from our friends at reveal how things went between our couple, during this particular porn shoot.

FYI, Our photographer and Carlos also engage in Anal Sex, in this scene as well.

If you would like to see more photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five images, within this post.


Carlos Rios fucks Katia from behind

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