Blond Slender Cougar w/ Glasses – Erica Lauren

Gorgeous Blond 50-Something Cougar Erica Lauren is the Head Recruiter at Ass Fuck U University and she is on a recruiting trip. She’s looking for a Few Hard Men.

Erica Lauren rides Commando's dick - Forward Style - Feature Image

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Gorgeous Blond Cougar, Erica Lauren, is the Head Recruiter for “Ass Fuck U” (University) on

CastErica Lauren, Commando

Greetings Everybody!!

I have another WONDERFUL post for you today!!

Erica Lauren gives the "OK" sign prior the scene.

Today I bring you (yet again) Eric Lauren!!

For those of you that are counting, this is my 3rd posting of Erica.

I post her often because I really like her.  I sincerely hope that you like her as well as I do.

Every time I see her, she always has a Bright and Beautiful smile, like she REALLY enjoys what she is doing.

Another thing that I really like about Erica is that she doesn’t look like your stereotypical pornstar.

Erica Lauren starts to recruit Commando to her University

For instance, if you were to see her at the grocery store, you would not think “pornstar for sure”.  You would instead think “attractive housewife”.

This Episode

In this scene, Erica is the Head Recruiter for (AHEM) a unique university called “Ass Fuck U”.

Her job is to go out and find qualified students for her University.  In this case, she is looking for men that can give her a serious ass-fucking.

If this all sounds crazy, just remember, my friends, this is porn.  And porn is about fantasy!!

In this episode, she comes across a young man called Commando, who seems (at first) to be a very unmotivated student (or a dud).

Commando gets a close up look at Erica Lauren's pussy

Commando only enjoys playing video games and sleeping.

This is not the kind of guy she is looking for.

However, part of Erica’s great recruiting skills comes from her ability to “bring out the best in men” (like even Commando).

When she reveals her AMAZING body and gorgeous hairy pussy, an internal fire lights up within Commando.

Now, is Commando good enough to “make the grade” at Ass Fuck U?

Erica Lauren sucks Commando's balls

I would recommend that you check out the photos (courtesy of our friends at and find out.

If you would like to see more photos from this scene, then click HERE or click on any of the five images within this scene.


Erica Lauren rides Commando reverse Cowgirl Style

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