Blond Mature Pornstar Amelia Mack meets JMac

Amelia Mack does her debut Hardcore Porn appearance with (none other than) Legendary Pornstar JMac. Enjoy!!

JMac goes to work on Amelia's tits

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Gorgeous Blond Mature Pornstar, Amelia Mack hooks up with JMac on

Cast:  Amelia Mack, JMac

Greetings Everybody!!

I have another EXCELLENT post for you today!!

Amelia Mack poses prior to scene

Today I bring you, Amelia Mack.

In this episode, she will be hooking up with JMac (No, there is no marital or blood relationship between these two).

As you can see, Amelia is a GORGEOUS Mature Pornstar with White Hair.  I referred to her hair, being blond earlier because I assume that it was.

She also has a beautiful smile as well as a very sexy body, especially for a 48-year-old woman.

Amelia was born and grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and she currently lives in Florida.

Amelia Mack gets cozy with JMac

This is her very first porn appearance.

Amelia has a reputation for being quite daring and willing to try anything.  At least that’s how people that know her see her.

Someone asked her if her friends, acquaintances would be surprised to see her in a porn video.

Her answer was “No, not at all”.

This Episode

Someone once coined the phrase:  “You either go BIG or go HOME”.

JMac goes to work on Amelia's tits

Amelia appears to be living through that mantra.

Because, in her very first porn scene, EVER….. she goes with JMac.

Amelia was working as a Hair Stylist when she decided to respond to an ad on Craigslist.

This episode would be a killer ad for Craigslist.

I mean, who knew that responding to that Ad, would have some 48-year-old hair stylist in front of the camera, doing a porn scene with JMac.

Amelia Mack goes to work on a cock

I will let these AWESOME pictures, from our friends at, reveal how things went between her and JMac.

If you would like to see more photos from this scene, then click on any of the five images, within this post.


Amelia Mack continues to work on JMac's cock

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